Course overview

Course teaches you how to sell on amazon fba with retail arbitrage model (the one i recommend to everyone to start out with)
It will cover both US  🇺🇸 and UK 🇬🇧 marketplaces!

Section 1. (Introduction To Amazon)
How to become an amazon seller
Individual or Pro account?

Section 2. (Products Research)
Best websites to do online arbitrage from for US & UK
What tool we going to use to find products
How to find profitable products online, doing research 
What Is BSR? (best sellers ranking)
Working with keepa chart
Buy Box and amazon being on the listing
Trick with the buy box
Reviews, weight and other things to pay attention 
Checking your competition and analysing estimated sales
Checking if we can sell the product
Before we buy the products, we do this
Ungating categories/products, how does it work?

Section 3. (Buying Products, Making Shipment,Organising Your Business)
Before we buy the products, we do this
Why we using a prep center
Buying the inventory 
Lets add a product in
Making a shipment
Equipment you need to do labelling/packing on your own

Section 4. (Setting Up A Repricer, Learning To Compete)
Repricing, winning the sales
Adjust prices

Section 5. (Bonuses and extra things)
Done for you arbitrage deals

Please keep in mind, this is just a step by step course, there is no coaching group, weekly calls unlike inside my 3 in 1 coaching program

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Phone Number
Step 2: Select Your Product
Step 3: Enter Payment Information
Credit Card Number
CVV (on back)
Expiration Month
Expiration Year
Today's Total
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